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Exploring mind-body through Right Views and Skilful Attitude

Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation is mind-work to transform the mind through Right Views and Skilful Attitude. It is NOT work done by the body/posture nor by objects/experiences. You will be trained to develop wisdom-based wholesome states of mind which leads to a stress-free life. It is as simple as realizing what is already found in the Now, yet unnoticed at this moment.

We are conditioned to react to external stimuli—from the people we meet to situations we are faced with. These external factors seemingly influence or determine our “moods”, “happiness” or “unhappiness”. Yet is that true?

Through this course, you will learn, explore and realise for yourself the views and attitudes that are blocking you from within. With the introduction of the “3-Yogi-Jobs” (3YJ) starting with Wise View and Skilful Attitude, you will find undoing old conditioning a breeze and that would ultimately lead you to true and lasting peace, freedom and happiness.


In this course, your mind will be wisely conditioned towards:

  • start a daily meditation practice

  • develop Wise Views and Skilful Attitude

  • assimilate supportive information on mechanics/workings and nature of the mind

  • begin to know the causes of issues/problems and work with those causes (instead of fixing the effects)

  • explore basic knowledge of Mindfulness

WHO COULD ATTEND  Suitable for ages 16 and above.


The first session of this course sets the crucial foundation for the entire course; for those who are not able to make it for the first session, please consider joining the subsequent course season.

Prior registration is required.

TRAINERS   Chan Lai Fun & Hor Tuck Loon

EXCHANGE   Expenses to enable this workshop to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

Daylong / Weekend Retreat is to support people on their Awareness + Wisdom journey.

If you wish to deepen your awareness practice, reset the momentum of your mind or give time to yourself to relax, step back, reflect and explore, do join us at WISE Sanctuary for a day (or two) of noble silence to practice together with other like-minded friends. Participants who are new to WISE (or regulars too) are encouraged to join the daylong / weekend retreat (which would be on a Saturday or Sunday or whole weekend) for a light and easy day with a simple meal and a variety of activities like short talk, group meditation, self-practice, group discussion & Yoga Nidra – all for your learning. The day program will generally span from early in the morning till late afternoon.

What’s In It For You

Daylong / Weekend Retreat is another avenue for you to spend time with yourself to learn about the workings of the mind you are living with and its relationship with the body. WISE provides a safe space among like-minded community so that you can explore and investigate.